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Watch Bad Words megashare online



Watch Bad Words megashare online

Consider of these words: fuck... shit... piss... crap... cunt... prick... asshole... cocksucker... motherfucker... What do they have in common? First and foremost, our society considers them bad, dirty, obscene and so on. These are words one does not use in “polite” company. These are words men should not use around women. These are words adults should not us e around children. These ar e words that women should not use at all. Second, almost without exception, these wo rds describe either body parts or body functions relating either to reproduction or the el imination of waste, both of which are perfectly normal, necessary, and natural Watch Bad Words megashare online

processes. There ar e a few exceptions such as bastard and son-of- a-bitch, but even they relate to our parentag e, hence to reproducti on. (Goddamnit, on the other hand, is a religious curse and therefore comple tely outside the scope of this treatise.) Does this not strike you as somewhat odd? How did the process by which we replicate our species, and the various acrobatics and practices related to it, come to be considered dirty? If our parents hadn’t “fucked”, none of us woul d be here. And all Watch Bad Words megashare online

of our fathers are, ipso facto, motherfuckers, arguably the baddest of all the bad words. Poor daddy, that his name should sink so low... And why is it perfectly fine to eat, but when it comes out the other end, it’s dirty? Were we not able to shit and piss, we would die from the accumulation of waste products inside of us. Not only that, but nature has desi gned our waste material to be the agency by which regeneration of the soil occurs so that new grow th can occur. It is part of a cy clical system that allows life to continue. The same can be said for reproduction. Again, is this not a Watch Bad Words megashare online

strange way to look at that which sustains our life processes? Without pointing too long and hard a finge r at certain institutions and wa ys of thinking both antiquated and obsolete, let us proceed to see if we can re ctify this most grievous error in modern man’s thinking. How to make the “bad” words normal is the task to which we will address ourselves. Obviously, the answer lies in education. First, we as adults must e ducate ourselves as to the very real necessity of calli ng a halt to considering necessary life processes as dirty or bad. Are we so shallow and sheltered that we cannot see what an extremely serious psychological situation we have created and maintained for a very long time? What is the effect on our minds

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